Homeopathy in Nepal

Once a Veterinary surgeon Dr.Khush Bahdur Thapa treated Rana Prime minister’s Elephant (more than 100 years before)and relieved from pain with Homoeopathic remedy The Prime minister was highly delighted and Vetenary surgeon requested the prime minister to allow to use homeopathic medicine for general people .After that, Veterinary surgeon was allowed to practice homoeopathy for public started.Homoeopathic system of medicine started in Nepal since the Rana regime (1846 AD – 1950 AD). In 1950 AD a holy man named Ram Nath established a private hospital in the premises of the Pashupatinath temple in Bajraghar, Kathmandu. Some social organizations also provided Homoeopathic treatment from 1953 AD.

Dr. Krishna Bhagat Pradhanang played a vital role to construct the new building for Homoeopathic hospital at Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur in 1983 AD. This hospital was built with great efforts and now it's run by the Government.

The well equipped homoeopathic Medical college, Nepal Homeopathic Medical college was established to run Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B,H.M.S) at Biratnagar, the second largest city of Nepal in 2001 AD by the homeopathic system lover Mr.Tarun Sancheti, resident of Biratnagar which is affiliate)d by Purbanchal University of Nepal. This colleges has produced approximately fifty homoeopathic physician who are practicing different part of country. The information about this college was unknown to the many homeopathic physicians, organizations of many countries though the college informed to homeopathic world and communities with its label best that college was running very strongly. But Now this college is closed.

His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Treatment and Healing Center, the Center for Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy (Meditation System) and Classical Homeopathic Treatment established in 15th December 2005 at Bhagwanpaw,swoyambhu,Kathmandu-15,Nepal with the kindness and blessings of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya for the benefits of all needy and helpless people through Homoeopathic medicine . This is the only classical homeopathic center. At present it has two more branches one at Bhaktapur(in 20 May 2008) and another at pharping, Kathmandu(19 July 2010 ).

Bhaktapur Homeopathic medical College is established in November 2008 to run Homeopathic Health Assistant (HHA) diploma course affiliated by CTEVT, Nepal. Now This College is not taking new admission at Present for 2-3 years.

Though this system of medicine is not very popular among the mass of people there are different private organizations working in this field of medicine in the different parts of the country. Homoeopathic medicine system is recognized by the Government of Nepal.

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