Cardinal Principal of Homeopathy

Homoeopathy as a science of medical treatment has a philosophy of its own and its therapeutic are based on certain fundamental principles, which are quiet distinct and different from those of other school of Medical sciences. These fundamental principles are:

1. Law of Similia

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine found on definite law similia similibus curantur which means like cures likes. Homoeopathy is a Greek derivation where Homoeo means similar and pathos means suffering. The choice of medicine is fundamentally based on the principle that the medicine must have capability of producing symptoms in healthy individual most similar symptoms of disease to be cured.

2. Law of simplex

The single remedy. The medicine should be given single at a time because single drug was proved on healthy individual and sign and symptoms were recorded in Materia Medica accordingly.

3. Theory of vital force

It is homoeopathy which stresses the existence and operation of vital force in a living organism. Vital force is autocratic, automatic, spiritual dynamic force in living organism without it the material organism capable no sensation, no function, no self-preservation and it maintains normal function and sensation of organism in healthy individual. When the vital force is deranged by morbific influence it causes abnormal sensation and function which are manifested outwardly through material body as signs and symptoms, the totality of which constitute disease.

4. Law of Minimum

The minute dose means that the quantity of medicine which is though smallest in quantity produces the least possible excitation of vital force and yet sufficient to effect the necessary change in it. The smallness of the dose does not allow the drug to do any organic damage nor there is any risk of drug addiction and drug effect.

5. Doctrine of Drug Proving

Drug proving is systematic investigation of pathogenetic (disease producing) power of medicine (hence disease curing power also) in healthy human being of different ages, both sexes and of various constitutions. Many people have conception of having no side effects by using homoeopathic medicines. But if homoeopathic medicines are used either more than single or much in quantity without following principles, then medicine starts proving in individual and creates an artificial disease which is very difficult to cure according to founder of homoeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann written in his book Organon of Medicine, as well as found in practice life.

6. Theory of chronic disease

During the early age of homoeopathic practice Hahnemann observed that in spite of best homoeopathic treatment some cases would return with the recurrence of symptoms at intervals. This failure led him to investigate thoroughly a large number of chronic affections and after twelve years of experiments and observations, he reached to conclusion that chronic diseases are caused by fundamental causes Miasm. Miasm was originated from Greek word Miasma which literally means up to Hahnemann time many things including polluting exhalation, material poison etc. It was loosely used in his time to express the morbific emanation from putrescent organic matter, animal or vegetable. But according to Hahnemann, Miasms are dynamic disease producing power, which stain and pollute the human organism with unhealthy tendencies and thus become the producer of different diseases. The Miasms are psora, syphilis and sycosis.

7. Doctrine of Drug dynamization

Homoeopathic dynamization are the process by which the medicinal properties which are latent in natural substances while in their crude state become awakened and developed into activity to an incredible degree. Drugs are potentized by two methods.


This method is used in case of insoluble substances in which sugar of milk (prepared from goat's milk) is used to carry potency of medicine.


This method is used in case of soluble substances where alcohol is used as solvent for preserving and carrying dynamic power for medicine.

Hence Homoeopathy has stability due to its principles. Only thing for real practice is to follow the principles, for which it stands or means. But we find most of practitioners remain away from the principles and convince their patients with their own created explanations. This is the only reason why people not having positive attitude towards this system and yet waiting for fame.

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