Treatment Method

How homoeopathic Physician treat a patient

First of all homoeopathic physician collects all morbid sign and symptoms of patients including mental pictures .The generalities like appetite, Thirst, sleep position, dream about, stool & urine –characters, aggravation period or stimulating factors of sign and symptoms, relief or amelioration of symptoms as time or by any factors, desire for special taste or food, aversion of food or taste, in toleration factors, food or taste, patient liking of cold or hot weather or feeling better or worse by hot or cold temperature, sweat either on parts of body and characters, if female, menstrual cycle with its characters. Personal history, Past history, Family history, clinical findings and investigation methods like blood tests, stool test, urine test , x-ray, C.T. scan, ultrasound, MRI and other special tests according to necessity. Then physician evaluates all sign & symptoms. The physician also diagnoses the case with the help of all sign and symptoms along with results received from modern techniques of investigations for the management part, repetition of doses and for potency of medicine.

He goes through a process Repertorisation from which few medicines may come out and among which finally physician select one medicine to prescribe to patient. Physician always prescribes one medicine at a time but if he finds given medicine does not show require action only then he prescribe another medicine after evaluation of sign and symptoms again. But physician does not give previous medicine while giving the new one. He always prescribes only one medicine at a time.

After prescribing the medicine, there is a Kent 12 observation to check about the action of medicine taken by patient and it helps to know whether the medicine is suitable for the patient or not, if the patient starts improving then the cure take place with Herring law of cure which is as follows:

The sign and symptoms of patient’s goes way from vital organs to less vital organ, the sign and symptoms of disappear from head to foot one by one, inward to outwards .The sever situation of sign and symptoms are also in balanced condition to make patient comfort though the cure takes place as said above.

The homeopathic physician treats a patient as a whole with holistic approach. Disease is the collections of morbid sign and symptoms and an individual may suffer from single disease or no. of diseases. Physician does not prescribe medicine on each named disease because homoeopathy believe that if person is in healthy then disease does not exist which can be possible by removing all morbid sign and symptoms means free from morbid sign and symptoms and of course when there are no morbid sign and symptoms the patient is free from disease also .The time period of cure takes place according to the disease conditions that is character of sign and symptoms and also duration of suffering and vitality of individual.

Disease of acute will take less time and chronic state of patient will take more time according to state of organic condition as well as vitality of individual and also the curability of patient as well as time period also depends on individual to individual depending on its vitality as well as pathological condition of patient.

Homoeopathic carries answers for so many diseases of which have no solution or patient need to carry whole their life with that problems especially the chronic one as well as acute types. If we talk according to name of diseases then there are so many answer for the illness like anxiety, depression, neurosis and other mental disorder, neurological problem likes sciatica, migraine and other nerve problems, even we talk about eye there are answer for premature cataract, redness of eye by different causes like viral or pterizium, tarsal cyst, stye and other many eye problem where there is big difficulties to find answer for it by other system of medicine. Cardiac problems, Digestive, Respiratory- bronchial asthma, chronic cough and other problems, problems due to bones and joints, endocrinological problems like thyroid, diabetics. Skin diseases like eczema, warts, ring worms,psorasis and so many diseases. Ear, Nose and throat problems like sinusitis ,pharyxitis ,tonsillitis .Surgical conditions where simple medicine help to remove the problems like benign tumors, warts and other so many problems making surgery not necessary .

But every physician or anyone has to think and not wise to comment falsely regarding any system of medicine without having proper information or knowledge on that subject. Patient gets well depending upon the cases or state of patient because not all problem have their solutions. And every system is trying to remove the problem remaining within its limits.

So homoeopathic physician can treat the case only after going through proper case taking with application of modern investigation procedures and cure can be achieve depending on individual to individual case. This is the only system of medicine in which subjective symptoms are important to physician as well as objective sign and symptoms during treatment of any case. Even after treatment if part of body shows normal condition after treatment and other part does not that means patient still remain sick not healthy. To be healthy, patient must be free from all morbid sign and symptoms i.e. mentally and physically.

Homoeopathic system also carries its own limitation during treatment for achieving cure but it is scientific as well as no side effects of medicine but medicine must be prescribe by qualified physician and one medicine name at a time though doses can vary according to cases. The name of medicine can be change even after an hour, days and week or months or even year but always one medicine at a time of prescribing by physician.

If any person takes homoeopathic unnecessarily for long period then it may causes problems having artificial disease so without prescription of physician medicine must not be taken. As I said above that homoeopathic medicine has capability to produce sign and symptoms which may remain inside of the body if medicine is used unnecessarily and create artificial disease and these type of artificial disease is very difficult to cure (it is also applicable to other system of medicine where medicine are taken more than require or unnecessarily for long period).

For example to define homeopathy,

If a patient is suffering from throat problem say pharynxitis with feeling of soreness and pain, running nose with discharge in acrid character, cough bland lacrymation and radiating nerve pain. These are the symptoms produce by the Allium cepa(onion) when drug proving. And when medicine prepared from onion given to patient then his symptoms will go away making him free from morbid sign and symptoms because medicine symptoms and diseased person symptoms are similar and two similar things cannot exist at one place that is in body .Medicine is always stronger than disease condition so that symptoms of disease condition will go away and the medicine sign and symptoms will go away after few time as it was introduced only with minimum the quantity that require to remove sickness of patient.

Hence homoeopathy is to be promoted by providing its real meaning to general people that qualified homoeopaths (only few in number in case of our country) who deals patient going through proper case taking, investigating and diagnosing the suffering and prescribe only one named medicine during time of prescription is the only way to make this system development and also make aware from pseudo homoeopaths who are making money in the name of this system and defaming its efficacy.

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