About Me

Homoeopathy system of medicine is using in Nepal since the Rana regime. But due to less numbers of qualified homoeopathic physicians, the numbers of pseudo homoeopaths practice to make this system as a source of only incoming and defaming the real meaning. This is the reason though few qualified homoeopaths tried their best to uplift this system but could not bring the productive results that are why there is no homoeopathic council yet. These all scenario and being a son of homoeopathic physician Dr.Krishna Bhagat Pradhanang inspired me to study homoeopathy so to do different than the past.

I received full affection and support from my parents along with my dear brothers to go for long struggle to study homoeopathic subject since I complete my certificate level. I traveled different parts of India for searching homoeopathic medical colleges and finally I was fortune to get an admission at Pratap Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital with help of Dr.Ambica Gyawali. But my mission to study homoeopathy became meaningful when I got entrance to become student of Dr.D.J.Sutarwala with help of my senior Dr.Amit Gupta. After proper guidance and training of Dr.D.J.Sutarwala along with college education I was able to dip in depth of homoeopathy and understand its real meaning along with efficacy. My faith on homoeopathy become more deep due to the respectable teacher Dr.Sutarwala and find myself fortune enough and pride to be his student. In 1998 September, I received D.H.M.S four years course certificate from West Bengal Council affiliated by Central Council of Homoeopathy. At the time of return to home I found more confidence as a homoeopathic physician with concept of Classical that I procure from my respected teacher.

And on same year I started to run private clinic on the birth day of my teacher Dr.D.J.Sutarwala on 29th October and also created free homoeopathic dispensary at Thai Kirti Moanstery ,Kirtipur with help of Vikku Sudarshan Mahasthavir. Along with private practice I started to write articles in different newspaper and magazines and give interview in Televisions and F.M stations about homoeopathic system of medicine.

Then my area of work spread after working at School as homoeopathic physician and dispensary of Soyambhu monasteries. Recently another dispensary at Dharma center of Boudha, Kathmandu for treating patients. I worked as a Liasion Officer of Nepal homeopathic Medical College, Biratnagar (earstern side of the country) since 2006. I worked as Producer and anchor of heath program-TAPAIKO SWASTHA in Channel Nepal for 16 months. And also I worked as anchor of health show in KATH FM 97.9 for six months sponsored by Kwality Biscuits Pvt.Ltd.

I am fortunate to establilish His Holiness Buddha Maitreya and Healing Center at Swayambhu, Kathmandu-15 with love, care, blessing, kindness and support of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya since 15th December 2005 where we provide facilities like : His Holiness Buddha Maitreya meditation System, Pathology, ECG, Psychological counselling and Homeopathic Treatment following repertorization procedure with help of computer.

Contact Me: +977-9813888043