Preparation Method

How homoeopathic medicines are prepared

The homoeopathic medicine are prepared from different sources like Animal kingdom, Vegetable kingdom, Mineral Kingdoms (organic and inorganic),Sarcodes(excretion and secretion of healthy animals, Nosodes(Diseased secretion of animals),Impondrebilia(rays like Luna-moon, X-rays). Homoeopathic medicine is prepared from single substance and it is not mixed with other substance. There are two processes to prepared medicine

i) Potentization

In this process the soluble substance is used .The one part of drug substance is mixed with 99 parts of strong alcohol is mixed and prepared to make first potency by potentization process and one part of prepared first potency medicine mixed with 99 parts of strong alcohol to prepare second potency medicine by potentization process and higher potency is prepared in this process in which there is less material doses but more dynamic power.

ii) Trituration

The process is for basically for the insoluble substances in which nine part of sugar of milk(powder that is prepared from goat milk) and one part of substance and triturate 1hour in clock wise direction to make first potency and second potency is prepared by mixing one part of first potency with 9 parts of sugar of milk(powder prepared from goat milk) and triturate.
The higher potency are prepare so on which carries dynamic power.

The pharmacist dispenses the homoeopathic medicine in three forms with non-medical substances and they are follows

The homoeopathic medicine is given to patient in distill water, mixing with globules (prepared from sugar cane) and sugar of milk. These distil water; globules and sugar of milk are just vehicles which carry the medicinal power and easy way to make doses for prescribing to patient during treatment. These homoeopathic medicines are prepared at different homoeopathic laboratories or companies in different countries following homoeopathic pharmacopoeia and it is not prepared at home or by physician himself. Pharmacist or physician simply mixes the medicine with the vehicle (vehicle can be use any one mentioned above) to dispense and make easy for taking medicine.

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